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Community Health Options will soon expand its virtual health services and provide Members access to virtual primary care providers, giving them consistent care when they need it anytime, anywhere. The new service can help make it easier for Members struggling ...
When it comes to health insurance, the strength of a health plan’s network helps to determine its value, and you want to be sure the care you need is never far away. That’s why Community Health Options’ network stretches across Maine, and includes many provide ...
Community Health Options recently announced the results of its 2023 Board of Directors Election at its Annual Member Meeting.  By design, Community Health Options Members elect the majority of the company’s directors, many of whom are Members themselves. Learn ...
Earlier this year, a Community Health Options Member gave birth to a premature baby. Thankfully, the newborn received the best possible care at a big city hospital, but Mom and Dad lived two hours away with two more children to care for, putting incredible str ...
We are steadfast in our support for the well-being of our fellow Mainers and will do everything within our ability to facilitate easy access to care—including behavioral and mental health services.
When the leaves hit peak color, Mainers do what they love doing all year—they get outside and enjoy the outdoors—and they’re also keen to prepare for winter. This season also means it’s time to start preparing for health plan open enrollment, so you’ll be sure ...