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We get it. You have a nagging pain in your back that just won’t go away, so you go see your doctor, who sends you for an X-ray. Unfortunately, the X-ray doesn’t show a thing, so the next step might be a CT-scan or even an MRI, and you may even have to see a sp ...
As a proud sponsor of the event, Community Health Options was pleased to celebrate these leaders who are making a difference in our state.
Let’s face it. No one needs to remind us that 2023 was a challenging year for the people of Maine. Mainers, of course, are famous for their grit and for having each other’s backs in tough times. And while that’s true, healing takes time and it’s OK to need he ...
If you’ve been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, you likely already know the risks that come with high blood sugar levels—heart or kidney disease, blindness, nerve damage or stroke. Low levels can pose problems, too, like blurred vision, nightmares, headaches, c ...
Many of us are waiting weeks or months to book medical appointments. Or taking a long drive to get to the only provider taking new patients—often more than an hour away. And once in the office, chances are we’re spending more time in waiting rooms just for a r ...