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As rising prices for everything from gasoline to eggs continue to squeeze household budgets, families might feel even more pressure when it comes to paying for prescriptions.
Community Health Options urges nonprofits that promote physical and mental health in Maine’s communities to apply for its 2023 Wellbeing Grants. Organizations can submit applications between March 10 and April 7. “The link between physical activity and mental ...
When a woman broke her femur in a fall, she was admitted to a rural Maine hospital where doctors discovered she had a pulmonary embolism that may have contributed to the weakness that triggered her collapse. That made the situation much more complicated. ...
If your health and wellbeing are a priority, it’s best to schedule annual wellness visits for you and your family sooner than later. It’d be tempting to put off your annual wellness visit, especially if you’re starting the year feeling just fine. However, chec ...