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Read Community Health Options Annual Report: Another Year Measured by Care

Jun 16, 2023
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Looking back at 2022, Community Health Options is proud to celebrate our Members’ many positive results. Our 2022 Annual Report highlights some of the outcomes we saw in 2022 from our Member services, pharmacy and care management teams. 

“These results inspire us to continue to push forward on the positive returns of a Community Health Options membership, such as saving money on generic prescriptions and delivering expanded wellness opportunities,” Kevin Lewis, president and CEO, wrote in the report’s opening letter. “More than anything, we remain dedicated to bringing Maine businesses and people something unique—a Maine-based nonprofit insurer focused on health and wellness that grows to meet our Members' evolving needs.”

For example, with 8,000 Mainers being diagnosed with diabetes each year, we’re especially excited about an initiative launched in 2022 to ensure that every Member diagnosed with diabetes gets a yearly eye exam. Overall, 55% of those Members completed an eye exam in 2022, well above the national average.

We’re also showcasing our wellness initiatives, notably two new world-class Fitness Courts, along with grants awarded to several Maine grassroots organizations.

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As a proud sponsor of the event, Community Health Options was pleased to celebrate these leaders who are making a difference in our state.