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Express Scripts Pharmacy Benefit Offers Members Seamless Savings with GoodRx

Mar 16, 2023
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As rising prices for everything from gasoline to eggs continue to squeeze household budgets, families might feel even more pressure when it comes to paying for prescriptions.

About 30 percent of Americans recently surveyed said they have skipped or cut doses for prescribed medications—or substituted an over-the-counter drug without telling their doctor—because of the cost, according to a 2022 Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

Community Health Options may be able to ease some of that financial pressure with a new program through Express Scripts that could save Members money at the pharmacy counter.

Price Assure, offered through Community Health Options’ pharmacy benefit manager, Express Scripts®, helps Members reap any potential savings on generic medications when they fill prescriptions at an in-network retail pharmacy. Through Price Assure, Express Scripts collaborates with GoodRx by integrating  the prescription discount company’s pricing into its pharmacy benefits.

That means Members benefit from available savings on generic medications automatically when they take their prescriptions to in-network pharmacies that also accept GoodRx. So, if GoodRx offers a better price than Express Scripts, that’s what Members pay. And the prescription will automatically process with the savings, while applying the prescription cost to the Member’s deductible, accumulator and out-of-pocket costs—without having to sign up for a separate GoodRx* card.

To find an in-network pharmacy, Members can go to the Medications tab of their Member Portal dashboard on the Community Health Options website. If you have any questions about the Price Assure program, please reach out to our Member Services team at  (855) 624-6463 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.


*While Price Assure provides access to discounted pricing on some generic medications, Members could see lower prices listed on GoodRx’s website and app for those who sign up for GoodRx’s discount programs. However, those using a GoodRx card outside of the pharmacy plan should be aware that they’ll miss medication safety checks and will need to submit a prescription reimbursement form to have the expense applied to their accumulators.


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