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Community Health Options partners with Firefly Health to offer virtual primary care

Nov 28, 2023
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Community Health Options will soon expand its virtual health services and provide Members access to virtual primary care providers, giving them consistent care when they need it anytime, anywhere. The new service can help make it easier for Members struggling to find a nearby provider accepting new patients, whether they need preventive and routine care or help managing more complex issues.

Firefly Virtual Primary Care, available in January 2024 to Members 18 and older, provides a team comprising of a primary care doctor, nurse practitioner, health guide and behavioral health specialist, who address all aspects of care and can create a personalized plan to tackle specific concerns.

Firefly's primary care is virtual-first. Members can connect with their care team through the Firefly Health app via video appointments or chat, making healthcare swiftly and easily accessible from any location. When Members need a specialist or in-person care, Firefly offers expert support to find local, high-quality in-network specialists and in-person providers, or even providers who come to a Member’s home. Members need reliable cell phone coverage or internet service to use Firefly.

“We’re proud to partner with a robust network of providers in Maine and across New England, yet many of our Members are still challenged to find an available primary care provider,” said Dr. Lori Tishler, chief medical officer of Community Health Options. “We’re delighted to offer this high-quality, convenient option, supporting our Members, as always, with our Maine-based care teams who have on-the-ground knowledge of the local resources so critical to our Members’ overall well-being.”

Learn more here from our news release.


Knowing what your health care plan can do for you is one important part of maintaining your best health, and your Member ID Card is an excellent place to start. First, at the bottom of your card is the name of your plan. If you have the word “Tiered” in your plan,  this means you are part of our tiered provider network option and could save money on provider visits.  

Tiered provider networks give consumers a better way to consider the cost of care when choosing care options and therefore save money on healthcare costs. Our tiered network plans reduce cost-sharing for specific benefits and services received from a preferred network provider. Types of providers and services include hospital outpatient services, primary care, urgent care centers, imaging centers, and labs.

Preferred providers and facilities for these plans are noted with a preferred star icon in the Health Options Provider Directory at Please note that some services may not be covered at the preferred service rate when administered in non-preferred settings. Therefore, it is important to visit the specific location listed in the search results to take advantage of the preferred rate.

Preferred locations for hospital outpatient services are limited to outpatient surgery and other outpatient procedures (such as catheterization, joint arthroscopy, or colonoscopy), including anesthesia.

It’s important to note: Even if you have a tiered network plan, you always have the option to visit our standard network providers with a standard co-pay. If you have questions about tiered network plans, contact our Member Services team at (855) 624-6463.

The bottom line is, with our robust NE Network and our new tiered network, you are very well covered!