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Changes coming to MaineCare eligibility

Apr 20, 2023
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With the end of the federal public health emergency, expanded eligibility rules for MaineCare have expired and many people in Maine may find they’re no longer qualified. On April 1, the Office of Family Independence (OFI) began a year-long process to review eligibility for all current enrollees. So, if you’re on MaineCare, you’ll receive a redetermination/renewal packet in the mail—marked with a prominent blue box— or an e-notice through your online account. You’ll have 90 days to fill out and return the form.

What do I need to do?

Update your address: If you have moved, notify MaineCare so you can receive your renewal materials. Even if you haven’t moved, ensure MaineCare has your current email and phone number to reach you when it's time to renew. To update your information, call 1-855-797-4357, Option 1, or go to

Complete your renewal form: MaineCare will notify you by mail or an e-notice with instructions when it’s time for you to renew (between April 2023 and March 2024). Look for an envelope with a blue block containing the renewal information and instructions. If you signed up for e-notices, the message will appear in your account at the time of renewal. You must complete the form within 90 days of receipt.

What happens if I no longer qualify for MaineCare?

If you no longer qualify for MaineCare, you’ll receive a Notice of Decision at least 15 days before your coverage ends. At the same time, the OFI will send your information to the Maine State Marketplace,, and a representative will contact you. You may also qualify for premium tax credits and cost share reductions to help lower the cost of your premium and out of pocket expenses.

Can I purchase insurance now?

While MaineCare will cover you through your termination date, you should consider your health insurance options and be prepared to enroll in a new plan.

Importantly, you’ll want to avoid a gap in coverage, whether you have a chronic health condition, take daily medications, want to cover routine appointments, or are simply looking for wellness benefits and the financial safety insurance can provide.

At Community Health Option, we want to help make your choice easy. As a Maine-based nonprofit health insurance company, we built our plans on a robust network of providers and services you want and need that includes 100% of hospitals in Maine and most in New Hampshire*, along with Centers of Excellence in Massachusetts. Further, our friendly and knowledgeable Maine-based Member Services and Care Management teams are easily accessible to help you understand health and healthcare to support your choices and best health.

How do I learn more?

Assistors and brokers are essential, unbiased resources for people seeking to learn more about their health insurance options—and all at no cost. Check out or click here to connect with a Community Health Options Benefits Specialist.


*Except Togus VA Hospital



If your health and wellbeing are a priority, it’s best to schedule annual wellness visits for you and your family sooner than later. It’d be tempting to put off your annual wellness visit, especially if you’re starting the year feeling just fine. However, check-ups and health screenings can help prevent chronic diseases or catch them early, which helps you and your family stay healthy.