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Don’t put it off: Schedule your wellness check now

Jan 24, 2023
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If your health and wellbeing are a priority, it’s best to schedule annual wellness visits for you and your family sooner than later. It’d be tempting to put off your annual wellness visit, especially if you’re starting the year feeling just fine. However, check-ups and health screenings can help prevent chronic diseases or catch them early, which helps you and your family stay healthy.

And as a Community Health Options Member, you have a $0 cost-share for wellness visits. Even better, Health Options’ preventive visits reset based on when your yearly coverage begins. Unlike other carriers, Health Options does not require Members to wait 366 days between annual preventive wellness care and check-ups. So, while it’s best to schedule these appointments about 12 months apart, you have the flexibility to schedule appointments on your schedule.

Importantly, wellness visits are a time for you and your primary care provider to:

  • Discuss your personal and family health history.
  • Identify necessary preventive tests and screenings, including getting important screenings for high blood pressure, cholesterol or other conditions.
  • Discuss and provide recommended vaccinations that are due.
  • Update the status of any chronic medical condition you may have by confirming medications are up to date and ordering any labs, testing or specialty visits needed to manage your condition.

To feel more prepared and make the most of your visit, check out this helpful resource from Healthwise®.

Remember to take advantage of all the preventive care benefits available to you through your health plan. There are many preventive benefits included in your plan, including lung cancer screening with low-dose CT scans, flu vaccinations at in-network providers, preventive counseling if you’re at risk for a specific disease or condition, and preventive screening colonoscopies when you are 45 or older.

Health Options Members who need to select a new primary care provider can log into their Member Portal or call Health Options’ local Member Services Team at (855) 624-6463 for assistance. The portal also gives you 24/7 access to claim status, forms and documents, and provides information about plan benefits and services. Once in the portal, Members can find details about your benefits by clicking “My Plan” on the page’s left-hand column.


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