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Using Technology and Specialist Resources to Improve Diabetes Self-Management

Jul 17, 2018
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Could you use help managing your diabetes? Will reminders, shared monitoring, feedback and rewards help you to stay on track?

Community Health Options and our partners at Express Scripts are excited to announce the availability of the Diabetes Care Value Program for eligible Members. The Diabetes Care Value program promotes medication adherence and long-term healthy habits by interacting with you via a mobile app called Mango Health.

Remote monitoring will prompt reminders, education and helpful tips to support your self-management, while a rewards program will help you to celebrate building healthy habits.  An additional resource, the Diabetes Therapeutic Resource Center, includes specialty pharmacists that are available to answer questions and provide the highest level of care. The pharmacists are available to provide education and counseling to Members regarding specific therapy needs.

If you are a Community Health Options Member and you’re interested in participating, contact the Diabetes Therapeutic Resource Center at 855-723-6099 to check your eligibility and to request enrollment.

It’s never too late to be your healthiest self!


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