Business Benefit Plans

Community Health Options offers a variety of affordable health insurance options for Maine people and businesses so you can choose the benefit plan that is the right fit for your organization and your employees. 


Group Plans


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2018 Summary of Benefits & Coverage

For your convenience, all 2018 group SBCs are available to personalize with the group name and coverage period. 

Small Group Writeable SBCs
Community Basic HSA (Bronze)
Community Access HSA (Bronze) 
Community Balance HSA (Silver) 
Community Core HSA (Silver) 
Community Option (Silver) 
Community Relate HSA (Bronze) 
Community Preferred (Silver) 
Community Advantage (Gold)
Community Prime (Gold) 
Community Beacon HSA (Silver)
Community Progress (Bronze)
Community Select (Silver) 
Community Assure (Silver)
Community Merit (Silver)
Community Accord (Silver)
Community Flex (Gold)
Community Option HSA (Bronze)

Large Group Writeable SBCs
Cornerstone PPO HSA 2700
Cornerstone PPO HSA 3000 0%
Cornerstone PPO HSA 3000 20%
Cornerstone PPO HSA 4000 20%
Cornerstone PPO HSA 5000
Cornerstone PPO HSA 6000
Cornerstone PPO 1000
Cornerstone PPO 1500
Cornerstone PPO 2000
Cornerstone PPO 2500
Cornerstone PPO 3000
Cornerstone PPO 4000
Cornerstone PPO 5000