Why work with us?

Community Health Options is an innovative, Maine-based nonprofit health insurance partner that has your back. We work every day to keep costs low and get you the healthcare benefits and service you expect
and deserve.

For Maine people. For Maine businesses.

Large & small group plans

A healthy workforce is good for everyone. We focus on preventative healthcare and wellness and have flexible, affordable benefit plans for everyone, including you.

Specific needs, specific solutions

Our Chronic Illness Support Program (CISP) sets us apart. Learn more about plans with cost savings on in-network services and medications to treat asthma, diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

A network that works

Our robust provider network includes all Maine hospitals, most NH hospitals, 48,000 providers and select centers of excellence in New England. Group plans offer nationwide coverage through the First Health Network.

Flexible pharmacy benefits

Our dynamic look-up tool helps Members find and understand which medications are covered under our formulary. We offer mail delivery and can suggest lower cost alternatives for common medications.

The right tools

We offer a secure administrator portal for easy access to tools for managing employee enrollment, viewing plan details, paying invoices and more.

Here to help

Our plans are designed with your business in mind. To learn more, contact your broker, give us a call at (207) 402-3353, or fill out the Get Started form to start your quote today.