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Community Health Options® is helping small businesses with a variety of health plans designed to assist employers in retaining great employees. We partner with you to provide education and resources to your employees so they are able to understand their plan benefits designed to improve their health and wellbeing.

This year’s Webinar series will provide your organization with access to innovative programs, resources and employer-directed best practices from industry experts, leading-edge employers and peers. Join tens of thousands of your friends and neighbors who have found affordable, high quality health coverage close to home with a local non-profit insurance company.


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Past Webinars

Saving Money on Prescription Mediciations
Prescription costs are a growing concern for both employers and plan Members. In this webinar the presenters will demonstrate a clinically-based, proactive prescription advice tool that can engage employees and lead to savings. This webinar will introduce you to the Rx Savings Solutions' portal and demonstrate a few common pharmacy scenarios that people experience in their lives. The presentation will highlight some techniques employers can use to further engage your employees in actions that can save them save time and money. 

The Gift: Feedback
Success in leading lies in inspiring people. Whether serving as a talent scout to hire and retain employees, or as a coach to develop and enhance staff performance, leaders need to build strong relationships. David Pease, Director of Human Resources at Bangor Savings Bank, illustrates the importance of feedback in this webinar and helps you move away from the fear of giving feedback to viewing it as one of the greatest gifts you can provide employees to help them reach their optimal professional potential.

How Population Health Helps Employers
Health-related employee absenteeism leads to decreased productivity. A focus on employee wellbeing can help improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and your organization’s bottom line. Please join Community Health Options care managers, Lori Fortier, RN, and Tyler Tyburski, RN, to learn more about Population Health services and how care management services can help your employees.​
Foundations of Leadership
You may be a manager, but are you a leaderWhat is the one thing every good leader does well? Leadership is a choice, not a title
or job position, and this webinar is designed to help you think differently about how you lead. We discuss leadership skills and behaviors, and provide tools for leading from any level.

Employment Law Updates for 2017
The new year brings new updates to employment laws. Are you aware there are new laws governing overtime rules and compensation? We give you an overview of the changes and advise how to address them. Do you also need help navigating through the dos and don’ts of using social media in hiring? We provide employers with a legal guideline to using this resource.
We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This! 
Meetings can be a drain and de-motivator to staff and a waste of resources if not properly led.  You’ll observe and review practical skills and strategies for running successful and succinct meetings in your organization. We’ll go over the PADS© model that increases your ability to solve problems, capture innovative ideas, and engage employees. We’ll also address strategies to effectively facilitate some challenging participant behaviors.

The Engaged Patient:  Understanding and Participating in Shared Health Decisions
Find out how the principles of shared decision making can help your employees be more empowered healthcare consumers. 

How and When to Use FSAs, HRAs & HSAs
As healthcare costs continue to rise, employers are increasingly offering consumer-driven (or high-deductible) health plans to provide more affordable alternatives to their employees. In this environment, it is increasingly important that employers are informed about the various options and how they would integrate into an organization’s employee benefit packages.

How Great Managers Motivate Employees
In this webinar, participants explored what great managers do to bring out the best in their employees and how they can create a workplace that inspires employees to think and act like business owners. 

Building a Wellness Program on a Budget
New wearable and wellness portal technologies, new data, and the human touch can help large and small employers improve the health of their employee populations efficiently and effectively.

Rethinking Old Notions of Millennials in the Workplace
Five years ago a discussion started about what Millennials were thinking and how employers needed to adjust. New data suggests it’s time to revisit tools for attracting, recruiting and retaining great employees.

Big-to-Small - Change Management Techniques for a Healthy Workforce
Size doesn’t matter when it comes to assisting employees in grappling with fast-changing work-place demands.