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Open Enrollment for 2022 health coverage has ended. However, you may still be eligible to to enroll, or make changes to your plan, if you have certain life changes that qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Click here to learn more.


A local, nonprofit carrier that puts people over profits

We're a nonprofit insurance carrier based right here in Lewiston (in fact, we're the only Member-led nonprofit carrier in Maine). We were founded to create a healthier Maine and to make health insurance more affordable and accessible for people like you. Our mission is to find innovative ways to reduce costs and pass the savings right back to our Members. That's a big idea.

We know that navigating health insurance can be overwhelming. Our Maine-based team can help you find the right plan to meet your medical, wellness, behavioral health, and telehealth needs. Just ask.

See a provider where and when you need to

We partner with 48,000 providers in New England, 100% of hospitals in Maine*, most in New Hampshire, and premier facilities throughout New England. Our 2022 options also include national network plans for Members who travel frequently and want provider coverage throughout the U.S. Plus, we’ve expanded our telehealth options to make healthcare more convenient and easier to access. Non-HSA Members can use Amwell urgent care telehealth at a $0 cost; and $0 after deductible for HSA plans.

New in 2022, we now offer tiered plans for a cost-effective alternative to traditional network plans. Tiered plans offer reduced cost-sharing for specific benefits and services received from preferred network providers, including primary care, urgent care centers, imaging centers, outpatient hospitals and labs.

*Except Togus VA Hospital

Support and resources when you need them most

Our medical management approach to care provides comprehensive support for Mainers with varied health needs, including cancer, maternity and postpartum care, behavioral health, our Chronic Illness Support Program (CISP) helps Members with the healthy maintenance of chronic diseases, contributes to the reduction of medical complications and hospitalizations associated with many chronic illnesses, and saves money on services and medication. Our in-house pharmacy team informs Members about drug recalls, prescription changes, and updates the formulary (drug list) with the newest, lower-priced generic medications. Learn more about our medical management programs here.

You shouldn't need a dictionary to understand your health benefits

Pro Tips for Buying Health Insurance

Buying health insurance may not be exciting, but it is important. Read here for tips on buying the best plan to fit your needs.

Health Insurance Lingo, Translated

Now that the leaves are falling and school is back in session, it’s time to think about your healthcare coverage. Brush up on the lingo here.

Health Insurance Metals, Explained

Why is one health insurance plan Bronze and another is Gold? Read here for a run-down of what these metals mean in health insurance terms and in picking the best plan for you.

What to Know about our Tiered Provider Network

Health Options has added tiered providers to select 2022 individual/family HMO plans. Learn how tiered or preferred providers can save money on high quality providers in our broad New England network here.

New in 2022: A Look at Plan Changes

We’ve made some great changes to our plans for 2022. We’re offering more telehealth services, Clear Choice (CC) options for easier shopping and plans with a national provider network. Also new: financial assistance is available at, Maine’s new state-based insurance marketplace. Learn more here.

We're on Your Team

At Health Options, our medical management approach ensures that you also have a team of healthcare experts at your side in times of a serious medical crisis. Read here to learn more about our Care Management team.

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