How can I re-enroll for 2019?

If you are on a group plan sponsored by your employer:

Please contact your group plan administrator for information about your annual Open Enrollment dates.

All other current Members

If you have had uninterrupted coverage this year and you wish to keep the same plan next year, you can do nothing, and your coverage will automatically renew for 2019. If you wish to make a plan change, or if you would like to verify your coverage or subsidy eligibility, you may actively re-enroll by following the instructions below. You have the option to obtain your 2019 plan directly from us, or you can obtain it through the Federal Marketplace at

Use our plan comparison tool and purchase your plan directly from us

If you have previously created an account on our plan comparison website, you must log back into this account in order to buy a 2019 plan direct from us.

Plan Comparison Tool

Purchase your plan through the Federal Marketplace at

If you plan to receive financial assistance, you must purchase your plan through (You can still use our plan comparison tool to browse and compare plans.)

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