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Better Access to Care – the Importance of Network

Aug 11, 2022
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Many forms of insurance are policies you have and hope to never use, like in the case of a car crash or when lightning strikes. Health insurance is different. Yes, you have health insurance in case you are faced with a serious health issue, however, you also have health insurance to get the care you need to maximize and maintain your best health.

At Health Options, we believe that our networking is key to providing you with great care. We partner with a comprehensive New England network that includes all Maine hospitals, most New Hampshire hospitals, and many facilities in Massachusetts. This vast network of 48,000 providers including clinicians, hospitals, and pharmacies means the care you need - whether it’s time for your yearly wellness check or you have a more urgent need - is never far away.

Plus, we’ve expanded our telehealth options to make healthcare more convenient and easier to access. Non-HSA Members can use Amwell urgent care telehealth at a $0 cost; and HSA Members pay a $64 fee, with $0 after reaching their deductible.

With Amwell digital services, you can use a smartphone, tablet, or computer and an internet connection to get the care you need without leaving the comfort of home. If you haven't signed up, no worries - Amwell includes an automatic enrollment when you sign up for healthcare coverage with Health Options!

Our Amwell partnership includes Urgent Care telehealth for 24/7 access to care for non-emergency medical needs from medical professionals trained in internal medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine, and pediatrics. Telehealth is a convenient way for you and your family to see a provider for a range of common illnesses, such as the flu, colds, rashes, or even just starting a prescription.

Telehealth is also a great option for expanding access to behavioral healthcare, including psychiatrists, counseling, and therapy services for a full range of mental health and substance use disorders. Scheduling is easy, and care is available days, nights, and weekends. Additionally, your first 3 visits are at no cost to you.

So, there are hundreds of thousands of reasons not to wait until you need healthcare to use your healthcare plan. We encourage you to get started today!



At-home COVID-19 tests (also referred to as self-tests or over-the-counter tests) are a key measure to protect you and others from spreading the COVID-19 virus. These tests can be taken at home or anywhere, are simple to use, and provide rapid results. You can use at-home tests whether or not you have symptoms, and regardless of vaccination status.

We are pleased to announce that through an agreement with our pharmacy benefit manager, Express Scripts® (ESI), you may now order at-home COVID-19 tests via phone, online or through your local pharmacy counter at no cost to you.  Each Member on your policy may obtain up to eight (8) free at-home COVID-19 tests every 30 days. Reimbursement instructions and FAQs may be found here

The federal government also offers four (4) free at-home COVID-19 tests through The tests ordered on the site do not count towards your total allotment allowed through Health Options.  

We remind and encourage you to do the following to protect yourself, your family, and community from COVID-19 spread and sickness:

  • Get vaccinated
  • Get a booster
  • Get tested
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Wear a well-fitting mask
  • Gather outdoors or in an area with good ventilation
  • Avoid crowded settings
  • Wash your hands often