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Healthwise Helps You Live Your Healthiest Life

Nov 21, 2023
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It can be tough to decide what to do when it comes to healthcare. Health Options offers some resources through Healthwise®, a nonprofit, unbiased, evidence-based source of information to help you navigate your most pressing health concerns.

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of health-related information on the internet. Not sure whether that lingering cold needs some antibiotics? Google that and you’ll get bundle of responses, but it’s often not easy to know which source to trust.

Community Health Options offers you a solution with access to Healthwise®, which like Health Options, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to your health and wellbeing. Through Healthwise, you can search for symptoms and find solutions that fit your needs. And that search won’t yield questionable results. Instead, you’ll get unbiased, evidence-based and research-driven answers to your most pressing health questions.

You can, of course, search for information about physical symptoms, but you can also search for topics that support your mental and emotional wellbeing. For example, start typing “optimism,” and you’ll be taken to a page with resources to help you work through negative thoughts and anxiety.

Working toward your health goals also requires knowing how and why to use healthcare. To that end, Healthwise offers a section called “Wise Health Consumer,” which includes a range of topics to help you make the right decisions for your needs in partnership with your providers. This section helps you know which questions to ask at an appointment, when you should go to the emergency room, and can even help you create a health and wellness plan that fits your unique goals.

You can find Healthwise under the Health & Wellness tab on the left side of your Member Portal dashboard. If you need help finding it or setting up your Member Portal, please call our Maine-based Member Services team at (855) 624-6463 for assistance.


Community Health Options urges nonprofits that promote physical and mental health in Maine’s communities to apply for its 2023 Wellbeing Grants. Organizations can submit applications between March 10 and April 7.

“The link between physical activity and mental health is well documented,” said Community Health Options President and CEO Kevin Lewis. “These grants are meant to provide some support to grassroots organizations that share our vision to help the people of Maine live their healthiest lives possible by caring for mind and body.”

Maine nonprofit organizations with an annual operating budget under $1 million are eligible to apply for grant funding. Applicants should be focused on community-based wellness services and promote physical activity.

Read more here: 2023 Wellness Grant Press Release

Apply here:  Community Giving page